Roseville, CA Dryer Vent Cleaning Services Help Prevent Fires and More

Clothes dryers have made a lot of people’s lives easier. Instead of waiting for freshly washed clothes to dry in the sunlight, clothes can be dried in minutes. The trouble is that dryers, like other appliances, need regular maintenance if you want to expect them to work properly. Here are some of the reasons why you should clean your dryer vents on a regular basis.

Fire Hazard Removal

The main reason people would want regular dryer vent cleaning of Roseville, CA homes is that it removes a potential cause of fire. According to a study done by the U.S. Fire Administration’s Fire Data Center, over 15,000 fires a year are sparked by clothes dryers. 80 percent of these can be traced back to clogged dryer vents. This clogging happens because when clothes are dried, lint is created and drawn out the vent.


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