Fire Prevention and Home Safety Can Be One Dryer Vent Cleaning Away

When asked to name house fire causes, the most common answers people will give include candles, cigarettes, cooking, and electrical wirings. Very few realize that their dryer is a fire hazard as well, which can be a huge mistake. According to CPSC (U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission) clothes dryers are known to spark as much as 15,000 fires every year.

These fires are often the result of lint build-up in the vents of the dryer. Ideally, dryers are supposed to dispel the moisture and heat that they accumulate out the exhaust vents, but if the vents are clogged by lint, heat gets trapped, and eventually the temperature inside the vents will get hot enough to start a fire. This fire can spread quickly around the house, and potentially burn the entire structure down.


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